Design & Sustainability

171 Collins Street Approach

A Highly Sustainable Workplace

6 Star Green Star

By applying world leading ESD principles, 171 Collins Street provides long-term efficiencies and healthier, better quality working environments for tenants. The building has achieved the Green Building Council of Australia’s Green Star 6 Star Office Design and remains committed to achieving a 6 Star Office Design As-Built rating. The building’s impressive environmental credentials are the result of a range of forward thinking initiatives and advanced design technology.

6 Star NABERS Energy

171 Collins Street has achieved a 6 Star NABERS Energy Rating. 171 Collins Street is the first commercial building in Victoria to achieve a 6 Star NABERS Energy Rating, and only the second in Australia.

Taking into consideration the original design intent of 171 Collins St was 5 Stars (which excluded the Mayfair building) and that the difference between a 5 Star and a 6 Star rating equates to running the asset with under 50% of its intended carbon emission, this 6 Star rating is an outstanding result for the building.

Pursuing and achieving a market leading 6 star NABERS energy rating (without assistance of zero emission renewable energy or green power purchase), in an asset with a design intent of 5 NABERS energy stars would not have been possible without all vested parties working collaboratively towards this common goal. We had to completely change common mainstream approach to building services tunning and adopt ‘out of the box’ methods and techniques to ensure this aspirational target is not only met, but is attained before competing commercial assets.

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171 Collins Street Green Star and NABERS Energy design initiatives include:

5.5 Star NABERS Indoor Environment Quality

171 Collins Street has achieved a 5.5 star base building NABERS indoor environment quality rating.

The NABERS Indoor Environment rating measures and quantify below 3 factors over 365 days:

  • Thermal comfort including temperature, humidity and air speed
  • Indoor air quality including ventilation and levels of pollutants
  • Acoustic comfort levels including the ability of a building to minimise external noise as well as the noise levels within the tenanted space

With this achievement 171 Collins Street sits equal first in Victoria. It is also extraordinary considering the 6 star NABERS Energy rating 171 Collins Street has, as it is very difficult for a commercial building to be both energy efficient whilst still providing a high quality environment for the occupants. Achieving very high in both efficiency and environmental quality is unprecedented.

Building Features

  • 9 Storey atrium for natural light
  • Floor to ceiling double glazing
  • Ceramic frit to reduce heat gain and glare
  • Dedicated waste storage area for separation, collection and recycling
  • Advanced rainwater and grey water reuse system
  • Highly flexible under floor air conditioning
  • Integrated lighting and security
  • Low VOC and formaldehyde emissions
  • End of trip facilities including bicycle storage, showers, lockers, drying-room and bicycle tyre air-refill station
  • Destination controlled lifts

High Performance Façade

The crystalline façade gives the whole building a lightweight ephemeral appearance. Delicate angling of the cladding sections folds the light from the sky into the base of the building. Ceramic frit on glazing and the thermally separated curtain wall with low E assist in reducing heat gain and glare.

Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

The HVAC system at 171 Collins Street is an underfloor air distribution (UFAD) system using an underfloor supply plenum.

UFAD system delivers clean healthy air to the work environment through a series of diffusers located at floor level between the structural concrete slab and the underside of the raised access floor.

The air then rises through convection as it heats up and leaves the work environment through the return air plenum located in the ceiling.


State of the art, 10 destination control lifts service the main tower at 171 Collins Street. There are two car park lifts and numerous DDA compliant lifts to service both base building and tenancy areas. Destination control lifts are capable of carrying 26 passengers.


171 Collins Street encompass low flow fittings and fixtures for all tap ware, toilets, efficient shower heads and appliances. Grey water from the basement showers will be collected and treated by a grey water system located in the basement of the building. This water is then used for both toilet flushing and cooling tower make up.

Electrical & Lighting Systems

High efficiency lighting has been installed throughout 171 Collins Street into both the tenant and common areas. All lighting has electronic dimmable DALI ballasts, which allows for individual control of all lighting for flexible time schedule, switching zones and sensor operation.


Enhance your premium experience. 171 Collins Street provides immediate access to a state of the art communication platform delivered across Optical Fibre. Achieve a business advantage with unlimited Broadband services up to Gigabit capacity and flexible phone system (PBX) options.

Sustainability Statement

Knight Frank, together with Cbus Property and Charter Hall seek to continue to maximise the environmental performance of 171 Collins Street. We are committed to an integrated approach to sustainability initiatives and have established a Sustainability Committee in conjunction with building tenants.

The initiatives established by this Committee will be communicated back to all tenants and adopted in the operation of 171 Collins Street.

We will commit to:

  • Reducing our personal and business footprint on the environment
  • Delivering innovative sustainable business solutions from tenancy design to operational parameters
  • Promoting our environmental vision to clients, contractors and tenants to achieve sustainable operating initiatives